Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingThe key to generate revenue on the internet is awareness. In other words, getting your message across to your clients by informing them about who you are and what services you provide. Our team of experts will optimize your website and work on certain keywords in order to rank these to generate traffic for you.

With the high use of social media networks it has become essential for businesses to market their websites on these. Perspective Media has a proven track record of social media marketing whereby we have generated substantial leads for our clients. Our Social Media Experts can work with you to create a social media campaign in order to boost your social presence.

 SEO Site Analysis

Is your existing website not ranking?

An in-depth audit of your current website will identify the technical and structural issues which are preventing the site from ranking higher. We can rectify these problems to ensure your website has a solid foundation and a great online presence.

 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Looking for instant results? PPC could be the answer

PPC is available through various channels such as Bing, Yahoo and Google Adwords. We create a campaign for you by targeting certain keywords which allows your website to rank higher on Google. This is charged at pay per click. Our campaign experts ensure that the campaign is within your budget requirement and attracts your targeted audience.

 Competitor Analysis

What are your competitor’s doing? We help you get an edge over your competitors

In order to convert majority of your target market into clients, we analyse your competition and evaluate how they are achieving their results. After this we can provide a better solution to help you increase your clients.

 Content Writing

Quality content increases your sites credibility and ranking

In order for us to rank your website at the top of search engines, it is important to place emphasis on its content as well as keywords. Our experienced team has worked with different search engines algorithms including Google, Panda Penguin & Hummingbird. Our highly skilled team of content writers aim to assist the ranking of your website through their writing skills. New and relevant content on social media marketing sites is of extreme importance.

 Keyword Search

Little or no traffic? Weak sales or leads?

It may be that you are targeting the wrong keywords. We will identify the most compatible and effective Return on Investment (ROI) keywords. This attracts the potential clients to your services. Once this has been achieved we optimize your website with these keywords.

 Web Development

Are you creating a new website?

You must ensure your SEO is built in from scratch. Our team will liaise with you and ensure the website is optimized accordingly to maximize search rankings. If you create a website through Perspective Media then we ensure the complete website is optimized for ranking purposes.

 On-Page Optimization

Do you want to be on page one of Google?

Your website has to be structured and optimized in a certain manner to allow search engine algorithms to determine how relevant your site and its content are. Our team has a dedicated team of experienced personal who can ensure your site achieves high ranking results.

 Off-Page Optimization

Without outbound linking your site has little or no ranking

To keep on top of the search engines we ensure, you have good quality backlinks which will help in your ranking. We can arrange some quality backlinks to ensure your site is in line with your competition and more acceptable for ranking purposes.

 Monthly Reporting

Are you analyzing your data?

We successfully manage your online activity, rankings and ensure your website is receiving regular target based hits per month. Every month we will send you a report that details what we have achieved for your business and what we are aiming for the following month.

 Facebook Likes

Reach out to the World

With over 1.23 billion users, it is extremely beneficial to market your business on Facebook. Our team can create a Facebook page for your business and update it on regular basis. We are able to create adverts on Facebook, which target Facebook users based on your business criteria. Updated activities enable your website to be ranked higher on search engines. As a result, regularly updated activities on Facebook are a clever way to increase the ranking of your website.

 Twitter Re-tweets

With over 50 million tweets a day be part of the network that brings people together

Twitter has over 645,750,000 users, an average of 135,000 new signups daily and daily tweets of 58 million. Our team are able to manage your tweets and create twitter ads by targeting your local and global traffic. We also manage your daily spend limits and monitor your activities to ensure you are achieving the best results from the advertising. Regularly updated activity on twitter will help your ranking on your website.

 Penalty Recovery

Have you suddenly lost rankings or traffic?

Search engines such as Google have a manual penalty for sites with certain issues. We can identify these and create a plan of action to help recover your website.